Dispelling the Money Myths

Janie Jurkovich
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

Many of us grew up being indoctrinated with the “truths” about money, such as:

-Money is hard to come by.

-Rich people are bad or greedy.

-Nothing good comes from money.

-I don’t deserve money.

-I will never have any money.

As we matured, our thoughts about it seemed to change. We realized we could have money if we got a job and worked hard. We got to know some “rich” people and found them to be neither selfish nor greedy. Hopefully, we updated our beliefs about money and adopted our own beliefs. But on the whole, there is still much to learn about our perspective of money.

I challenge you to make room for the possibility that you can have all the money you desire and that it’s okay to want it. You are not being selfish or unrealistic to want money, think you deserve it, or that it is possible to have it.

Think about this: desiring money is not being greedy because money has no intrinsic value except what you can do with it. It’s nothing more than a form of exchange — a tool for bartering.

Money can be exchanged for clothes, a home, food, and other tangible things, but it can also buy you time, relaxation, and pleasure. It can improve your quality of life by removing stress. (I am thinking of all those household chores you could hire someone to do!)

Money can help others. It’s not just the wealthy philanthropist that donates funds to worthwhile causes. Everyday people with modest incomes step forward to help others in need. Just think about the good you could do in your own community if you donated funds to a worthwhile non-profit. Think about the difference you’d make in the lives of other people.

Each of us is worthy of money, not just for ourselves, but for what we can accomplish with it and how it can benefit others. Instead of thinking of money as a limited resource, what if we think of it as a vibrant, flowing energy, which is passed around from person to person to accomplish good? Having it wouldn’t be selfish or greedy because we’d use it and pass it along to others.

The world would be a better place if we all adopted these perspectives about money:

-Money is just a method of exchange.

-Money is good.

-I am worthy of money.

-I can have the money I desire.

-Money flows. The more it’s used, the more good it can do.

-Money can make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Start to think of money as a living entity that serves a useful purpose in society. Treat it as such and your life and the lives of those around you will change for the better.

Janie J is the author of “Live the Life You Have Imagined,” “Single and Sixty,” “The Unimagined Awakening” and The New I Am Document, Volume 1.”
She began writing books after a spiritual awakening let her tap into universal wisdom. Her mission is to help others live a life of more joy and understanding and to raise the consciousness of all humankind. Get started on your own journey with a free copy of the Connect to Transform Process at