How To Combat Burnout (And It Really Is A Battle!)

We have all experienced burnout. What is it and what can we do about it?

To me, burnout is when I reach the point that I am not functioning well on my work duties. It can range from my skill level wavering such as not being able to balance a checkbook, to full incapacity shown in a physical or mental meltdown.

Burnout requires swift action before serious problems occur, like a heart attack, car accident, or mental breakdown. Yes, I believe burnout can result in those drastic results if it is not tended to properly.

The best time to handle burnout is, of course, before it occurs. This means, taking frequent short breaks during the day, and doing your most mind-taxing task when you are fresh and more competent (usually in the morning) before fatigue sets in. It means giving yourself permission to take a few minutes and sit quietly outside in the sun and relax, de-stress, meditate or be mindful.

Eating a healthy snack or meal is also important. Your brain needs the fuel to operate! You must avoid sugar or high-carb foods as they will result in a drop in blood sugar (or sugar crash) which is most unhelpful if you have lots to do.

Another way to avoid burnout is to reflect on the amount of “stuff” you are really required to do. Think about it: do I really need to do all this? Can someone else handle it? Why is all this work falling on me? Perhaps you or your boss just has unrealistic expectations. Talk to your boss (or yourself) about how to best handle this.

Burnout is more easily reached if we are just doing a job, versus performing tasks related to something we really, truly enjoy. It can be a monotonous job, but if you are acting as a small cog in a giant wheel of something worthwhile and in-line with your purpose or vision of life, it will be “fun” and “worthwhile” in your mind it is less likely you will burnout.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that work-life balance is a myth! It was designed by someone who wanted the rest of us to feel guilty if we can’t manage it all. This is an impossibility and the sooner each of us figures this out, the better. We just can’t take the guilt in addition to all the work we feel required to do.

Sometimes, we just need to take a deep breath, sort out our priorities and do the best we can. And remember taking care of ourselves IS a priority and all that is required in life is to do our best.

Janie J is the author of “Live the Life You Have Imagined,” “Single and Sixty,” “The Unimagined Awakening” and The New I Am Document, Volume 1.”
She began writing books after a spiritual awakening let her tap into universal wisdom. Her mission is to help others live a life of more joy and understanding and to raise the consciousness of all humankind. Get started on your own journey with a free copy of the Connect to Transform Process at




I am an author, speaker and spirit medium. Find out more at and

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Janie Jurkovich

Janie Jurkovich

I am an author, speaker and spirit medium. Find out more at and

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