How To Turn Your Life Around …

by Someone Who Did It!

Ready to turn your life around? The first step is tough. But you must reach your low point.

It doesn’t have to be when you are strung out under a bridge; hopefully, your low point comes before that. For me, it happened when my long-term marriage ended and I took a good look, a really good look, at my life and decided I was not going to live the same way — working too much and not enjoying life.

I call it “A Life by Default.”

Instead, I thought long and hard about what type of life I wanted to live and took small incremental steps to get there. These steps were so tiny, almost unperceivable, to others until the momentum and a sheer number of changes resulted in significant results.

Here’s an example of the steps I took to get healthy and fitter.

I started with 30 sit-ups and 5 push-ups. When that habit stuck after a couple of weeks, I joined a women’s boot camp. Then I started walking; then walking/jogging; then running; then an elite running team; and then competing in the National Senior Games in track and field. No one noticed when I first started, but by the time I could run 800 meters in 4 minutes; lost 35 pounds and went from size XL to medium, people could notice.

It’s important to state that I didn’t make these changes for others; I did it for myself.

The confidence that came from reaching my goal and changing my life has permeated to other areas of my life. It is such a big change from where I was a few years ago, that family members even asked me if I was taking something (i.e. drugs) to be SO happy!

Nope, it all starts with deciding you want to change and taking those small, incremental steps that are so small that the change is slow, steady, and painless!

Janie J is the author of “Live the Life You Have Imagined,” “Single and Sixty,” “The Unimagined Awakening” and The New I Am Document, Volume 1.” She began writing books after a spiritual awakening let her to tap into universal wisdom. Her mission is to help others live a life of more joy and understanding and to raise the consciousness of all humankind. Get started on your own journey with a free copy of the Connect to Transform Process at



I am an author, speaker and spirit medium. Find out more at and

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