Mindset Matters

Your mindset matters!

If you don’t know how or why it’s important to harness this ability, I’m about to explain how a simple shift can and will change everything.

Have you ever noticed how some people always have a sunny disposition? I have an uncle like that. He was constantly so cheery that I often wondered if he was wearing the proverbial rose-colored glasses or simply blind to the various family calamities.

While other would have dwelt on the negatives, such as the loss of his wife in her 50’s, the closing of his business or moving from the family home to another town, he did not. While others may have lamented when grown children and their families moved to other towns, suffered serious illness, divorced or experienced financial woes (you know, the stuff ALL families go through) — he did not.

Instead he focused on the happiness and joy in his life: being blessed with more grandchildren, new marriages, new jobs and the many accomplishments of his children and grandchildren.

There is actual science behind all of this. When we look at life in a more positive light, it changes our brain chemistry. It releases serotonin and other feel-good hormones.

Conversely when we feed ourselves negative things, even negative self-talk, like, “I’m too fat,” or “I’m not pretty enough,” or “I’ll never be able to do that,” our subconscious mind takes it to heart and those ideas become our conscious thoughts. Those conscious thoughts shape our reality.

This follows along with the Law of Attraction — “You are what you think” or “You become what you focus on” or even “The Universe will comply with your wishes.”

So, if it’s in your power to be happier, wouldn’t you want to do so?

It starts with gratitude.

Be grateful for your many blessings. We all have something to be grateful for. If you are reading this now, you have the blessings of eyesight, a roof over your head and a computer (or at least a phone).

Let this positivity bring happiness and joy into your life and the life of those around you. You can greatly encourage the folks around you to look at life differently, just by your example. When you change your mindset, it often rubs off on others.

If they want to continue to have a gloomy outlook, the least you can do is to shake it off like a dusty old coat and refuse to wear it.

Back to my uncle:

He found love again and has been happily married now for over 20 years. He has recuperated from two serious heart issues and is still active. He keeps tabs on the lives of his children and grandchildren despite their living in other towns.

He has defied the odds and is happy and healthy at the age of 92!

Improving our mindset is something we ALL can do. Challenge yourself to make that shift!

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Janie J is the author of “Live the Life You Have Imagined,” “Single and Sixty,” “The Unimagined Awakening” and The New I Am Document, Volume 1.” She began writing books after a spiritual awakening let her tap into universal wisdom. Her mission is to help others live a life of more joy and understanding and to raise the consciousness of all humankind. Get started on your own journey with a free copy of the Connect to Transform Process at www.TheNewIAMMovement.com/transform.



I am an author, speaker and spirit medium. Find out more at www.JanieJ.net and www.TheNewIamMovement.com.

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