The 3 Things You Can’t Outsource

Janie Jurkovich
3 min readFeb 8, 2022


So many tasks today are “outsourced.”

You might be enthusiastic about having others do all those tasks you don’t really want to do. It’s a great way to leverage your time and work with experts who can do it better, faster and smarter than you.

But there are at least 3 things we can’t outsource however much we might like to.


Your virtual assistant can keep track of your contacts, their email and phone numbers and even do a little “touch bases” connecting for you, but at some point, YOU have to connect with the person either in person or online. Think about it — if you didn’t ever meet or talk to your contacts, you wouldn’t even recognize them in person. Add in wearing a mask right now and it will be really difficult!


Or any physical activity. It would be nice if we could hire someone else to attend our Pilates class or go run those 3 miles, but alas, once again, We have to do the work to get any of the benefits.


Many of us might easily relinquish that task if we could.

We try to! Temporary positivity can be gained with any new shiny object, such as a new car, designer clothes, a dreamy vacation, or an even dreamier new relationship. At some point though, the “newness” wears off and we just aren’t as happy or positive about the thing or person that once made us feel so positive.

Sure, prescription meds or even under-the-counter drugs can make things seem more positive, but this too is elusive because it is an artificially-induced level of positivity that is masking your ability to cope.

There is a reason these methods for becoming more positive don’t work.

It is because we are looking outside of ourselves for something else to make us feel good.

True and lasting positivity comes from within. It comes from learning how to be more positive. WE have to do the work if we expect the positivity to stick and become a way of life. It’s attainable and not that difficult. We just have to take the steps to slowly change the way we “do” life. Once again, WE have to do the work.

If you’re ready to do just a little bit of work to be more positive, then check out my Positivity Reboot course here.

Once you become more positive, you won’t want to ever outsource your positivity again!

What else do you think can’t be outsourced?

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