Why Being Kind Matters

Janie Jurkovich
3 min readFeb 14, 2024

Sometimes people think, “Why should I make the extra effort to be kind? Yes, I can simply be nice, but why do I have to take that additional step to be extra kind to someone? What difference does it really make in the big scheme of things?”

The fact is — it does make a significant difference because your little extra kindness might be the only thing that touches that person on that particular day. It might give them hope in humankind or make them feel that others care about them; and it might just be the one thing that helps them keep going!

You see, we never know what someone else is going through. They may have had a terrible day. They may have many worries of which we are totally unaware! Perhaps they recently lost a loved one. Maybe they have financial issues, or are on the brink of becoming homeless, or maybe they are homeless! They might be worried about keeping their job or have problems at work or home, but your little bit of kindness and soft smile says, “I care. You are important. You are valuable.”

Your actions might just be the thing to lift somebody else up, and then what happens is that your kindness becomes a “thing” like it’s a tangible thing. Once you are kind to someone, then they are more likely to be kind to another and it goes on and on and it spreads kindness to who knows how many people. And it all happens just because you made that little bit of extra effort to be kind to another person!

Conversely, if you are mean, angry, hateful, and treat others in that manner, it gets passed from person to person! Have you ever seen a group of people commiserating about some terrible event that has happened to one of them and it just goes on and on and it’s like a beach ball being passed in a game among children. One person says. “Oh yes, I know this bad situation happened to me,” and then they pass the ball to the next person, and they commiserate about some woeful situation. It goes on and on. Then each one of those people leaves the circle and passes their own ball onto their new acquaintances. The game continues and once again they have spread bad feelings, anger, angst, and worry!

So, think about it. What do you want to spread to others? Wouldn’t kindness be a better choice?

To spread a little more kindness, you first need to become cognizant of this process. You’ll need to practice it. It might be hard to get into this new habit. You might even catch yourself saying woeful or angry things. Should this occur, learn to stop yourself and think how you could reframe it and say something a little bit kinder.

Remember — Spreading kindness starts with all of us. It’s not just the one thing that you’re saying or doing that you’re passing on; it’s the compound effect that affects all of society. This is why your little bit of extra kindness is so very important.

Janie J is the author of “Live the Life You Have Imagined,” “Single and Sixty,” “The Unimagined Awakening” and The New I Am Document, Volume 1.”
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