Janie Jurkovich
3 min readMay 16, 2024

(Channeled from Pleiadian Masters)

Do not covet MONEY for yourself. Instead, use it to bring happiness and goodwill to others. In turn, you will find yourself happier, for the energy of money when properly used can heal many a heartache or loss. (Not all heartaches are lovers; many are things you feel lacking in your life!) Money is nothing more than energy and when shared with others, brings about a comradery or shared happiness. Something to think about when deciding to spend money on something that benefits another person and not so much yourself.

Another teaching revolves around TIME, for it is endless, has no beginning and has no end, but fail to use it when the time comes, and it will be lost forever. Some may refer to this as “lost opportunities.” You see, sometimes the Universe (those of us working behind the scenes conspiring to bring your manifestations into being) will set up a complicated set of circumstances to bring about your wishes. However, many of you squander these actions (complicated as they are!) by refusing to take the next step that will in fact, bring your manifestation into action! We (those beings in another realm) can only do so much. The rest is up to you.

Please, we encourage you to take advantage of these synchronicities before they become “lost opportunities.” You’ll never know where these roads will take you if you don’t take advantage of them.

Another tactic or area for improvement we often see relates to LOVE. Why are you humans so stingy (for lack of a better word) with your love? Love is merely a feeling, a burst of energy that keeps the life force of another going. It’s merely a light that can keep another shining for if a person doesn’t feel love of some sort while on their journey (human or animal love, such as from a pet) they will surely die.

Lack of love or being loved, causes a soul to wither and die! It’s like having a plant and refusing to water it or offer sunshine. Love is a requirement for human existence. You don’t need to love everyone in a sexual manner. This is not what we mean. You don’t need to include hateful or mean people in your life either. Just love them for who they are and where they are on their Earthly journey. “Love them from a distance,” might be the way to consider such situations. For once they feel the love from you and others, they will shift. They will change and become happier and more loving people in the process. This method can be equaled to God’s commandment to “Love one another.” This is the reason he wrote it.

The love in each of us will heal humanity. In fact, it is the only thing that will. Other methods are merely pathways to teaching humans how to properly love one and another. The greatest blessing of all is to learn to love everyone and everything despite the many differences. The differences are what make each of us unique. Learn to love the differences or at least accept the differences and send loving thoughts to one another.

Such actions, when multiplied ten-fold, hundred-fold, and so forth, will make all the difference. It will bring humanity closer. It will raise the joint consciousness of humanity. A truly enormous feat and one that is required for advancement.

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